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The idea of starting your own business is exciting but often comes with a lot of paperwork and uncertainty. BitX Capital understands this, and we’re dedicated to making the loan process as straightforward as possible, especially for start-up owners. Our start-up loans are designed to provide reliable funding solutions that ease the burden of getting off the ground.

Loan Amounts
$25k to $500k

Loan Term
5-7 years

Interest Rates
7% to 15%

7 days 

What Options are available for Startup loans?

Start-up loans come in three primary formats – Personal Term Loans, Commercial Term Loans, and Credit Card Stacking. All options are designed to provide fast and secure funding for your start-up without the hassle of lengthy paperwork.

  • Get the funds you need to jumpstart your start-up quickly and securely
  • The hassle-free loan process with no paperwork or lengthy applications
  • Accessible, reliable funding solutions for your business
  • Choose between three options – Personal or Commercial Term Loans and Credit Card Stacking
  • Get started on achieving your dreams now with BitX Capital

How can I secure a Startup loan?

Time is money; we understand that. And we have streamlined our process to make applying for a start-up loan as easy as possible. Once you submit your requirements, we do a quick verification process and get back to you with curated options that fit your needs.


  • Pre-revenue 
  • Personal Income of > $50K
  • > 700 FICO Score 

Startup loan benefits:

    • Fast Liquidity 
    • No Revenue Needed
    • No Collateral Needed 
    • Industry Agnostic 
    • Flexible use of funds 

Three Power Benefits for Your Startup

As a small business owner, navigating the complex terrain of cash flow challenges, especially during emergencies or when managing payroll, can be a daunting task. These situations often hinder growth and stability.

Fortunately, a startup business loan presents itself as a valuable solution. You gain access to crucial funding that can effectively address immediate financial needs by undergoing a straightforward application process. This option enables you to maintain ownership and control over your business while building a positive business credit score. Unlike relying on friends and family, securing a startup business loan offers a structured financing option with competitive interest rates. This not only helps you establish a solid credit history but also positions your business for future growth.

In contrast to the limitations of personal funds or higher interest rates associated with some loan types, a startup business loan provides the working capital necessary to seize opportunities while avoiding the pitfalls of relying solely on crowdfunding platforms.

Whether your business is in its early stages and has no established credit history, or you’re looking to expand and need additional resources, a startup business loan is a versatile and strategic financial tool that empowers small businesses to thrive in a competitive market.

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How To: The BitX Process

BitX highly values the small business community and ensures that you have a quick, easy, fast and frictionless approach to getting the right loan for your needs. Our value proposition is we offer customized services through a large loan marketplace.

A large number of loan options to suit your needs.

An extensive network of lenders for you to choose from.

Various kinds of short term, mid term, and long term loans.

Personal and commercial loans.

A lifetime connection with our customers that’s built on trust.

A rigorous internal process so you can leave the loan searching to us and focus on what truly matters to you.

Startup Loans for people that value freedom to make their own decisions.

At BitX Capital, we believe in empowering individuals and businesses to achieve financial freedom. Our comprehensive suite of financial services and tools allows our customers to make informed decisions and take control of their financial future. By choosing BitX Funding, you are choosing the freedom to take control of your financial destiny and reach your financial goals.

BitX is bonded and insured

We are backed by cybersecurity, protecting you against any mishap. You can trust us with your data; we’ve got it encrypted.

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BitX comes from experience

The staff assisting you throughout is well-trained and grounded in the best banking practices. BitX has, after all, emerged from problems as a solution.

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Start Up Loans

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, start-up loans provided by BitX Capital are safe and secure. We adhere to the highest regulatory standards when it comes to providing funding solutions for our clients.

No. The loan process is designed to be easy and straightforward – without the need for any paperwork.

Repayment terms for start-up loans vary depending on the product you choose but typically range from 6 to 24 months. We understand that no two businesses are alike, so we work with our clients to develop tailored payment plans and timelines that align with their needs.

Make your start-up dreams come true with BitX Capital!

Our start-up loans are designed to provide reliable funding solutions that ease the burden of getting off the ground. Apply for a loan today and get ready to take off!

The interest rate on a Startup loan varies from lender to lender. Startup loans levy an interest rate of less than 20%. Meanwhile, Startup loans from other lenders charge an interest rate between 25% to 50%.

You can get a Startup loan between $25K to $500K, in a relatively short period of time.

Our Headquarters is in Fairfield, CT. We operate remotely all over the US, with special emphasis on short-term loans across the states of California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, New York, Colorado, and Washington. So if you need us, we are near you!