0% Interest
Credit Card Stacking

Credit Card Stacking
Fund your business interest-free!

0% Interest Credit Card Stacking

Credit Card Stacking
Fund your business interest-free!

0% Interest
Credit Card Stacking

Credit Card Stacking
Fund your business interest-free!

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Business credit card stacking arranges multiple 0% interest credit cards to maximize your liquidity and spending power.  You will get access to more capital than using one credit card or working with one lender.  It’s a strategic method that helps pre-revenue companies or industries struggling to access capital receive multiple lines of credit at 0% for 12 to 18 months.

Maximum Loan Amount
$5k – $100k

Loan Term

Interest Rates
0% Introductory Rate

As fast as 15 days

How does credit card stacking work?

  1. BitX checks your credit with a soft pull to verify your qualification. 
  2. Once we’ve confirmed that you’re eligible, we choose the best credit cards for you.
  3. We get approvals on your behalf.  
  4. The credit cards are issued to you. 
  5. We’ll partner with you to optimize your new capital. 

How does credit card stacking work for my business?

Startups business often struggle to get access to capital. To help you achieve your business goals, we stack 0% business credit cards for you, ensuring that the debt does not hit your personal credit score.  This approach to credit does not impact your personal debt-to-income ratio because the credit cards are associated with your business. 

Credit cards are versatile and accepted for 90% of B2B transactions; for the other 10%, e.g., when you need to pay the rent, we recommend Plastiq.com, which will debit the credit card to cover the check.

Our average card approval is $15K for each card, and often you can secure up to four cards bringing $60K in liquidity.


  • > 700 FICO score
  • Seasoned FED ID or EIN number for a year
  • US Citizen

Credit card stacking benefits:

  • Find the right credit cards for you
  • Protect your personal credit (debt sits with the company)
  • Build business credit or Paydex score
    7 to 10 business days wait time

Stack & Grow: Fuel Your Business with Credit Cards

Business credit card stacking is a financial strategy where small business owners apply for multiple credit cards with BitX, reaping diverse benefits. Enhanced rewards and bonuses are a key advantage, allowing entrepreneurs to capitalize on various incentives like cash back and travel perks offered by different credit card companies. This approach maximizes savings on operational expenses. Furthermore, it significantly increases borrowing power, providing a larger unsecured line of credit that fosters flexibility in managing cash flow and navigating unforeseen expenses.

One of the long-term benefits is building a solid business credit profile. Timely payments and responsible credit management across multiple cards positively impact credit scores, positioning the business favorably for future loans and business lines of credit. Despite these advantages, caution is essential. Entrepreneurs must carefully manage credit card debt, be mindful of interest rates, and navigate potential cash advance fees. Choosing reputable credit card issuers is crucial to ensuring a positive and sustainable financial outcome. Overall, business credit card stacking proves to be a valuable strategy for small business owners, offering a balance between enhanced rewards, increased financial flexibility, and the establishment of a strong credit foundation.

Credit Card Stacking

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How To: The BitX Process

BitX highly values the small business community and ensures that you have a quick, easy, fast and frictionless approach to getting the right loan for your needs. Our value proposition is we offer customized services through a large loan marketplace.

A large number of loan options to suit your needs.

An extensive network of lenders for you to choose from.

Various kinds of short term, mid term, and long term loans.

Personal and commercial loans.

A lifetime connection with our customers that’s built on trust.

A rigorous internal process so you can leave the loan searching to us and focus on what truly matters to you.

Businesses that are ready to make sacrifices to achieve their goals.

At BitX Capital, we believe in the power of ambition. Our platform is designed to help ambitious individuals and businesses turn their ideas into reality. We believe that with the right resources and support, anyone can achieve their goals and make a positive impact in the world. By providing access to funding and expert guidance, we empower our customers to pursue their dreams and make their ambitions a reality. Join us and let your ambition drive you to success.

BitX is bonded and insured

We are backed by cybersecurity, protecting you against any mishap. You can trust us with your data; we’ve got it encrypted.

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The staff assisting you throughout is well-trained and grounded in the best banking practices. BitX has, after all, emerged from problems as a solution.

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SBA 7a Loans

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Frequently Asked Questions

0% business credit card stacking generally finances pre/small revenue small business owners or startups that don’t qualify for traditional loan options are eligible to apply. A few reasons could be starting a new business, looking for revolving debt, need to build business credit or Paydex score, vehicle repair, inventory, restarting your business, etc.

As long as the funding agency is transparent with you about the source of funding they offer, it is 100% legal to apply for multiple credit cards.

BitX supports all industries, even those generally rejected by the bank, such as cannabis, restaurants, landscapers, transportation services, healthcare, and clothing, among others. We accommodate businesses across all industries that want to expand or reboot after a setback.

BitX does not lend to industries that manufacture or promote weapons, pornography, and gambling. We also do not sell to individuals who want to expand their lending business or are a current lender.

If your business faces a loss, you could accumulate credit card debt that can be difficult to pay off and in that scenario, your personal credit may be at risk.

Our Headquarters is in Fairfield, CT. We operate remotely all over the US, with special emphasis on short-term loans across the states of California, Texas, Florida, Georgia, Connecticut, New York, Colorado, and Washington. So if you need us, we are near you!