BitX Funds Businesses
It’s that simple

Funding is not an easy task. Frankly, it can be brutal, with:

  • Wasted time 
  • Rejection
  • Lack of Transparency
  • Lost Opportunity

Getting a small business loan doesn’t have to be hard!

Todd Rowe

We work with many lenders and have over ten loan products, so there are no limits on customizability!

Todd Rowe founded BitX Capital in 2014 as he saw an opportunity to provide small businesses with the right loan and lender. So many times, business owners need access to capital, but they spin their wheels with the wrong loan or lender and miss an opportunity to grow their business. Todd’s mission for BitX is to listen to your needs, wants, and goals and get you funding fast!

With BitX, there are no blank spaces.

Our process is simple, definite,
and complete. With us, you are
never in the dark.


Better Business Bureau

             A+ Rating

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At BitX Capital, we make the process of applying for small business loans stress-free. With a personalized approach and one-on-one support, we’ve helped thousands of businesses secure financing since 2014.

Over 200 Lenders

BitX Capital has been helping small businesses for 20+ years by connecting them with the right lenders and loans. Our goal is to assist our clients in finding the best financing options for their needs.

Faster Than Your Bank

Get fast funding for your business with BitX. Our simple application process allows you to receive financing within the same day, so you can focus on growing your business instead of waiting for months for funding.

Makes the lending process
easy and transparent

BitX is bonded and insured

We are backed by cybersecurity, protecting you against any mishap. You can trust us with your data; we’ve got it encrypted.

BitX comes from experience

The staff assisting you throughout is well-trained and grounded in the best banking practices. BitX has, after all, emerged from problems as a solution.

BitX is trusted, safe, and secure

We have a broker’s license, bank-level encryption, multifactor authentication, and cloud-based enterprise-level infrastructure.

BitX is ever-evolving

We’re associated with lender associations, keeping up with the latest trends and growing with each experience.

Let's get to yes together!

We are purpose built to say yes to more business owners.